Thursday, May 12, 2016

In Which I Freak Out About Weight

No, not my own. Please, I am pushing forty years old. I'm pretty much over freaking out about my weight. As long as Mr. FloppyAmmy continues to look at me with stars in his eyes and my pants fit, we're all good.

Remember my last blog post where I posted this pic?

It actually made me really, really unhappy. Because it looked to me like my pony is all angles. I may have unrealistic expectations (in fact, I am pretty sure that's all I have), but after 4 weeks of handwalking, 4 weeks of lunging and now almost 4 weeks back under saddle, I thought Boca's muscle development would be further along than this.

I mentioned my concerns to my trainer in my lesson on Tuesday night. A fellow trainer overheard our conversation and piped up that it may be due to a Vitamin E deficiency. Cue me panicking.

Because I can never seem to anything by half-measures, and anything involving my horse causes me to immediately over-react and go into overdrive, in the last 48 hours I have:
  1. Emailed Dr. C to pull a blood panel. Vet visit scheduled for Tuesday
  2. Call and text BO to review possible Smartpak supplement options
  3. Order Smartpak Supplement
  4. Sign up for
  5. Review entire feed program
  6. Identify deficiencies in feed program
  7. Email FeedXL directly for suggestions
  8. Start not one, but TWO threads on COTH
  9. Contact Triple Crown Feed 2x
  10. Call 3 feed stores looking for Triple Crown 30%
  11. Order TC 30% from local feed store
  12. Make hubby pick up TC 30% from local feed store TODAY
Although I may be over-reacting, I did in fact learn something quite important. I have not been meeting the volumes for feed recommended by the manufacturer's label, and Boca may, in fact, be deficient in important vitamins and minerals.

The last 48 hours have been a crash course in horse nutritional education, and for once, I have found online forums to be extremely helpful in providing knowledge and making suggestions.

I'm not looking forward to yet another vet bill, but I also do believe in knowing exactly what, if anything, you are dealing with, and addressing it accordingly. I could also easily blow the same amount of money on any random assortment of things that may or may not address the problem, if there is one.

Just for funsies, let's take a look at all the things I considered spending money on, but didn't:
1) A successful racehorse trainer suggested I ad 1 can of Guinness and 2 raw eggs daily to Boca's diet. How does one store eggs at a barn? Plus, I'm pretty sure I would really want to drink the Guinness, so that's a No.

 2) The BO suggested I add a muscle building supplement, and while that is not a bad idea, I want to know WHY Boca is not building muscle first, before I throw a random supplement at it. So, pass.
3) Other trainer suggested adding Smartpak's Vitamin E supplement, and again, while this is not a bad idea, I have no idea if Boca is, in fact deficient in Vitamin E or not, so instead of spending $30 on something that may or may not work, I'm going to do the $105 blood test and know for sure.
Anywho, I have spent the last 48 hours being a crazed horse lady, which has not been fun. You would think from my response that my horse is actually physically starving to death, not just a little slow to add muscle, but that's how I roll.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

You Better WERK, WERK IT Pony


The super pony is back in work. And when I mean work, I mean WORK. Now that we have resolved his medical issues (hopefully), I really want to take this opportunity to really push the limits of getting us fit and correct.

For the month of May, I somehow convinced my husband to agree to letting me take 2 lessons a week. I started with a new instructor that I really, really like. She is effective but kind. I've pushed all plans of showing out the window, but my farm is hosting a rated H/J show on June 12, so there is that.

For the time being, I want to try to keep Boca working 5 days a week. Dr. C recommended a day of rest after every 3 days of work, so our proposed schedule looks like this:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Lesson
Wednesday: L rides
Thursday Hack Day
Friday: Off
Saturday: Lesson
Sunday: Hack Day

A fellow boarder at my barn, L, recently had to put her horse down, so I offered her the ride on Boca on Wednesday nights. She's very experienced, so it will almost be like a training ride for Boca, and it gives her the opportunity to get some saddle time. Hopefully, this will be a win-win for both of us, until she is ready to get another horse.

Having M/W/F off for me is not ideal riding wise, but it will allow me time to go home after work and spend some QT with my husband and puppy. The husband picks up a lot of slack in the household to allow me barn time, so it is only fair that I occasionally cook dinner and spend some time with them.

So far, this plan is Boca-approved.

Stuff me with cookies, Please.