Thursday, October 6, 2016

My Baby Horse is Insane

...As in, insanely good.
Guys, I am really bonding with this young horse. I think this might be the beginning of something special. I just really enjoy being around him. We already have a lot of trust and I continue to be impressed with his decisions.
We don't actually have a ring where I am currently boarding. Just a grass field and a lot of wide open spaces. Some people aren't really comfortable outside the confines of a ring, but I happen to feel most at home there.
We started our ride last night in the grass ring, but it was such a gorgeous night, I didn't want to stop riding. So I unlatched the gate from his back (surprisingly easy to do when your horse is a giant) and we went for a wander.

Not my large orange beast - photo used for perspective

We rode down to the last field on the right, I unlatched another gate, and we took a cruise around the field, chased some Canadian geese, and checked out the neighbor's hay field. I kept it to a walk, because I don't want Mr. Orange to assume that trail ride = speed. That can come later.

He was so good on his own - marching along, interested, confident, excited, in a positive way. I was so happy with his evident enjoyment of a new experience. I have been wanting to ride in the super giant hay field at the end of the lane pretty much since the moment I got there. Luckily, my instructor had a lesson fail to show up, and she had a horse tacked and ready to go, so we decided to head out there.

Not me - photo used for perspective.

I needn't have worried about my baby horse needing company. Even though twilight was falling, he marched around the field, taking in all the sights. He even broke in to a happy trot a few times, but easily came back to me when asked. We were supposed to be cooling out, as we were quickly losing daylight. My trainer's horse couldn't keep up with his marching walk - I don't think he even knew or cared that she was there.

It was another great ride on my giant beast, and I am excited we can ride out in the field with our brains in our heads. That will be a fun place for future hacks and conditioning rides.


  1. This is all such wonderful news!

    1. Thanks! I was definitely envisioning foxhunting as a possible future adventure!

  2. This was a post worth reading, I love how your joy comes through!

  3. Woohoo this makes me so happy to read 😆

  4. So awesome. A good brain is the most important thing (to me anyway). Sounds like your pony has a great one :D

  5. There's nothing like a good baby horse ☺

  6. Aw yay !! Crimson sounds awesome! I can't wait to get my guy out of the ring!!